Robert L Myers has been servicing Lancaster, PA in the current location since 1946. The company was purchased by the current owner, James Charles, in 1974.

For the past 33 years the automotive repair business has changed tremendously. In the 1980s carburetors and mechanical ignition gave way to fuel injection and electronic ignition and the emergence of engine control modules. Now there are few aspects of an automobile that are not monitored and controlled by a on-board computer. Through all of this changes, at Robert L. Myers, we have stayed abreast of the newest technology. Constant training and the addition of advanced tools and equipment enabled us to service your car, whether it is an older classic or right off the showroom floor. We can accommodate custom wiring requests for off road vehicles and street rods.


Joel Charles works on a car at the Robert L. Myers auto repair shop along New Holland Avenue this morning.

Richard Hertzler / New Era

Robert L. Myers, Inc.
515 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17602